Established in 2009, Curl Stone Entertainment is an innovative and modern studio with extensive know-how, talents, and creative spirit that transcends the global market in regards to ingenuity by producing authentic superheroes from the Middle East and circulated worldwide. 

Curl Stone’s animation production is narrated coherently and specifically through multiplatform storytelling by way of integrated digital platforms or digital media platforms

Curl Stone invests heavily on the creative process with its unique brand of animation that entertains children of all ages and young adults. On top of, cutting-edge digital technology and artistry that engages the audience along with the captivating scenarios of Curl Stone superheroes.



Our properties


Nashmi, Fares and Shahem, are three young superheroes whose paths have crossed as each was fighting evil in their own country.

Once Upon A Star

Fares and Celine are typical 13 and 14 year old siblings who act like any other teenagers. Both of them live with their grandfather Dr.

Class 13

Seven little monsters - a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, a witch and more – all in one classroom, matched with a nervous but idealistic young teacher who’s been hired by the


Seven Stones is the most popular game in town which brings together our team of young heroes.


Dwaween is an animated, non-sequential comedy series consisting of 30 episodes in 30 seconds to 1 minute as average for each episode.