Seven Stones is the most popular game in town which brings together our team of young heroes.

Each year a championship league starts and gains a cult following from the whole city. As champions emerge from the well-loved sport, the game dominates the whole region and our heroes get a chance to compete in the Country’s Legendary Ball League.

Our story unfolds when 45-year-old Coach Waleed, a legendary Seven Stones player, returns to town after his mysterious disappearance, to start a new team of players that will compete in the City Champions’ League.

He meets Sami, a lonely 13-year-old boy who is living alone with his mom in Al Majd, one of the poorest towns in Jordan. Four other boys, Zaid, Senad and twins Tamer and Samer complete our team of unlikely heroes.

As the boys look to Coach Waleed as their leader, he discovers about each child’s aspiration for respect, and with every victory and defeat, they come to a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a true champion. Seven Stones is an adventure/sports TV series that shows the true meaning of teamwork, friendship, passion and determination.